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INBOUND (for Foreign entities in Japan)

Items Services Note
Pre setting up a Japan Enty
Incorporation / set up branch office or Representative office

Enroll Socilal and Labour insurance

Initial tax registration reports

consulting which entiti is suirttable
An appropriate structure will be decided according to your Japanese business plan. We will support you to simulate several types of entities in Japan.

Subsidiary vs Branch
KK vs GK
Rep ofice vs Branch
Monthly services Monthly schedule
Payroll Calculation of salary and bonus (Monthly) .
Issue of pay-slip or paying salary(if required).
For expatiates - salary gross up.

Year-end tax adjustment .
Filing of social securities reports. 
Payment (Financial Administrative)
You do NOT necessary for hiring an Admin staff. @We can provide Admin Department for you Japan team.

Monthly payment services.
Your benefit - You can save at least JPY 200K instead of hiring Admin staff.
Monthly Trial Balance
Depending on HQ's requirement, we will prepare monthly Trial Balance or quarterly one.  
Monthly report to HQ Preparation of monthly reports to the head office.
by our Simplified version (Sample)
HQ's format is used depending on request.
Staff (hiring/leaving) Social and Labour insurance issue would be handled by an affiliated partner HR specialist.

Visa issues will be handled by an affiliated partner immigration lawyer.
Annual jobs
Year End Adjustment
The year]end adjustments a device to equalise at the final salary in December.:
(A) the total amount of withholding income tax actually withheld in a year from payments to an employee;and
(B) his annual tax liability to be retained from the total of those payments.
iThe year-end adjustment, however, does not apply to an employee whose gross amount of employment income receivable during a year exceeds JPY 20 million.j
Annual report designated by law

Annual salary report to local governments
A company has to file annual payments report about salary, fee, office rent etc to a tax office by 31st January of the following year.

A company has to file annual salary report to a local tax office where staff lives in as of 1st January of the year.
Assets tax return filing A company has to file assets tax return filing to a local tax office where assets for business is located.
Year end (Tax return filing)
settlement of accounts / tax return filing
- Corporation tax
- Consumption tax
- Enterprise tax
- Local resident tax

- Individual tax for Expatriates
General Sharholders Meeting should be held within 2 month from the year end (or 3 month if pre approved by tax autholities).

Financial Statement should be approved by GSM.
New directors' remuneration should be approved by GSM.

Annual tax retune should be filed no lather than 2 month from the year end (or 3 month if pre approved by tax authorities).

Non-retainer services
Expatriate (foreign staff from HQ)
Other tax consulting issues
We support suitably at any time.