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INBOUND:Foreign entities in Japan

INBOUND: Foreign entities in Japan

To assist your business in achieving success, we provide the following comprehensive services.


We can support in a various on going requirements.

1. Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping (Monthly)
  • Reporting to the parent company/ the Head office (Monthly)
  • Financial statements (Quarterly, Interim and/or Year end)
  • Company administrations (if any)
  • As for the report to the parent company, we can prepare any forms on demand.

2. Payroll

  • Calculation of salary and bonus (Monthly)
  • Issue of pay-slip or paying salary(if required)
  • Year-end tax adjustment
  • Filing of social securities reports

3. Financial Administrative services (Detail)

  • You do NOT necessary for hiring an Admin staff. @We can provide Admin Department for you Japan team.
  • Monthly payment services.
  • Your benefit - You can save at least JPY 200K instead of hiring Admin staff.


Fee estimation

We will show you a fee estimation before to make a contract.

The fee estimation will be taken account of your business and our service that we may provide.

A basic fee level is as follows;

* Bookkeeping (English and Japanese) :Yen 100,000/month ~, Payroll: Yen 25,000/month ~ , Financial Admin services: Yen 50,000/month ~.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or Telephone (+81-3-6273-1330) if you have any questions about our service.