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Setting up KK

Setting up KK > Fee for incorporation

To avoid more complex and time consuming thing, only a Japanese resident will be the sole promoter.

As promoter he will subscribe for one share in the new company and 'offer' the remaining shares for subscription by the foreign parent company.

After the incorporation, the share that issued to the promoter will be surrendered to the parent company. Then the parent company holds 100% shares!

No-Japan resident can be a director of your Japan subsidiary.

Formed as a 100% subsidiary of a Foreign corporation. Incorporation with Offering.


STEPS YAMAJO Office (sole promoter) Shareholder = Parent company
I. Advance Preparations
1. Decide basic matters
(e.g., company name, company objectives, address of head office, paid-in capital, accounting period, bank for accepting share subscription money, etc.)
Send a 'Questionnaire' to the parent company Answer the 'Questionnaire'
2. Search for similar company name The same address and the same company name is not be able to register.
3. Preparation of Articles of Incorporation Prepare
4. Company seal etc 1) Acquire seal for promoters / company / representatives at a seal carver.
2) Obtain certificate seal registration at ward office.
II. Company registration
5. Promoter meeting Preparation of a minutes of the promoter meeting;
(company name, purpose of business, shares to be subscribed for by the promote, shares to be offered to other subscribers, etc.)
2 copies of the minutes.
6. Notarization of the Articles of Incorporation At a public notary.
(Stamp duty of JPY 40,000, a notary fee of JPY 50,000 etc.)
7. Appointment of a bank to handle the share subscription money    
8. Public Offering Allotment of shares to the parent company Subscription of shares
9. Establishment meeting by the subscribers Appoint directors and auditors  
10. Board of directorfs meeting Approval of directors etc.
Keep minutes.
Consent to shortening of convening period of establishment meeting
11. Register of Establishment Application for registration (with representative seal that are registered and Registration and license tax of JPY 150,000)  
12. Surrender the share   100% Shareholder!
13. Notification under the Foreign Exchange Law Report via Bank of Japan by the 15th of the following month.  
14. Open a bank account  
15. Tax registration etc With Legal Affairs (Tax, social securities and labor office)

Paid in capital figure

@@@@Paid-in capital JPY 1?

(NOTICE) With consultation for a incroporation of a Japan subsidiary of a foreign company, we will charge fee by a time charge basis (JPY 38,880 per hour). The advanced cosultaion fee will be deduced if you ask us an incorporation procedure.