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Subsidiary vs Branch

Branch registration (setting up a Branch in Japan) Branch registration fee

According to the Commercial Code, when a foreign company sets up a branch in Japan, it has a duty to appoint a representative and determine the place of business in Japan, and to register these with a Legal Affairs Bureau.

Please note that at least one of the representatives must be a person having an address in Japan.


STEPS YAMAJO Office (or AGENT) Head office
1. Preparation of an 'AFFIDAVIT' Prepare the affidavit.
(check with a Legal Affairs Bureau before declaration)
Answer the 'Questionnaire'
2. Declaration of the affidavit in the presence of a consular officer   Representative: swear affidavit at home country's embassy in Japan.
3. Application for registration of a branch office    
4. Tax registration etc With Legal Affairs (Tax, social securities and labour office)  


The information for AFFIDAVIT required are as follows;

(1) Corporate name
(2) Name of the law under which the corporation was incorporated
(3) Address of the head office
(4) Date of incorporation
(5) Amount of paid-in capital
(6) Fiscal year
(7) Business objectives
(8) Name of directors
(9) Name of representative directors and address of him/her
(10) Name of statutory auditor
(11) Name and Address of Japanese representative
(12) Address of Japan branch
(13) Established date of Japan branch
(14) Life of the company (e.g. unlimited life)