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How to obtain information for Invest into Japan 

This page is mainly Link for useful web site for Invest into JAPAN, especially in Kanagawa prefecture and city of Yokohama.

There are also lots of public sector which offering incentives and information other than below.

Please let me know if you have any another useful web site' s address.

Gathering Information

Invest into JAPAN >KANAGAWA prefecture >YOKOHAMA city

Grants, Incentives

Kanagawa prefecture and Yokohama city are offering incentives and/or GRANTS to an overseas company which intends to invest into their places. e.g. Free office rental space for initial few month, reduction of fixed assets tax and certain tax exemption.

(Note) : There is a strict standard to be granted. Ask directly to Kanagawa prefecture and Yokohama city.


Economic Exchange Section
Industry Promotion Division
Commerce, Industry & Labor Department
Kanagawa Prefectural Government
TEL: +81-45-210-1111 (switchboard)
FAX: +81-45-210-8871
Business Development Division, Economic Affairs Bureau
City of Yokohama